How to

Changing your Bearings without a Bearing Tool

So, you’ve been riding outside with your new Moxi Lolly’s and some friends invite you to hit the rink- you want to change your wheels (AND bearings!) to harder indoor wheels. We recommend buying another set of bearings so you will only have to go through the process of changing your bearings once. That way, you will have bearings for your Gummy outdoor wheels, and bearings already in your indoor wheels when you go to change them out.

What You Will Need:

  1. Skate Tool
  2. Small Screwdriver
  3. Bearings
  4. Wheels

In this scenario, I am putting bearings back into my Gummy wheels. I have found that these wheels are too deep to use the common method of pressing the wheel onto the truck post. Also, using that method can cause damage to your truck posts if you do it too often.

Step One:

Each wheel requires two bearings. It does not matter which way you place the bearings into the wheel, but some bearings have a logo or color on the outside, so you will want to place those facing out. Gently place the bearing into the inside side of the wheel.

Step Two:

Place your small screwdriver through the hole and press the bearing into place. You will hear a click when the bearing falls into place and the bearing will be flush with the wheel.

Step Three:

Repeat the process on the outside side of your wheel by gently placing the bearing in with your fingers and using the screwdriver to force the bearing into place until you hear the click.

Step Four:

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Place the wheel onto the truck post and tighten the nut with your skate tool.

Tada! Hopefully, you will never have to do that again!